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Film actor Ruslaan Mumtaz

A young dynamic talented actor who was born on 2 August 1982 in Mumbai started his first film role through MP3-Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar. This film gave rise to a new star of the bollywood it was sweetly presented and popular among the young audience of the hindi films. His age is in early thirties and he has good body and height that makes him a good looking actor. 

He was the first choice for the leading role for oscar winning film Slumdog Millionaire but later dropped him by the director. He is praised for his good acting in fims by the critics and his audiences. So far he has not got the real chance to prove as he is the best. We can say he has not found his dream role to be frank.  

Though he has tried to like by the audience from the films like Teree song, Janne Kahan se aayi Hai, Dangerous Ishqq, I dont love you this project didn't turned out to be that hit so that he can establish his own niche audience. As far as his personal life its unkonwn about his girlfriend and other matter as he does not come out to limelight with such issue sometimes he was rumoured for gay. 

He has talent capability no doubt but within a certain time only he has to catch the real pace otherwise everyday in the bollywood is new struggle as new comer and old comer struggle for a role that can give them an identification for the life time.