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Sunidhi Chauhan husband

Sunidhi Chauhan a vetron singer and now a wife of Hitesh Sonik. Sunidhi and her husband are childhood friends and known to each other for more than 15 years. She started singing in the tender age of four. Sunidhi is rock star in bollywood music her popular song includes Beedi jalaiale, udi, Dhoom Machale, Desi girl, Sheila ki Jawanni, Sajana Vaari, Krazy kiya re, Deedar de and many more hit songs. 

The rumors about her pregnancy is spreading widely as she gained some weight in the last episode of Indian Idol. She looks little fat so speculation are she is carrying a child but it may due other reason also as many medical doctor suggest if someone take anti birth pillss regularly than after a month or so you tend to look fat due to harmonal change in the body. However, there has not been any official confirmation made regarding her pregnancy but best wishes on her personal life and professional life.